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Fikipo Business Trading

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.


Company Info

FIKIPO BUSINESS TRADING (FBT) is a dully south African registered company under companies and intellectual property in the department of trade and industry. Fikipo business trading was formed with the sole aim of providing freight services, logistic, forwarding, clearing, procurement agent and import and export in Africa.

Mission & Vision

FBT has established a reliable freights network in sub-saharien Africa and has the ability and the expertise to meet companies and individuals requirements relating to freights and courier.

Freight Services from A-Z

FBT has one of the best freight services in Africa. It ensure that your needs will be met in a reliable, flexible and innovative manner.

Supply Chain Management

Having the capacity to manage entire supply chains from source to destination through a partnership with global forwarders has ensured the popularity of FBT.


In the import and export game documentation is key and this is why it is important to use a reliable company to take care of all you needs as far as documentation is concerned.


FBT works with more and more partners to give his customers access to its impressive network of services and facilities.


Our staff are trained to be honest and trustworthy in all circumstances. We strive to keep the client aware of their packages all the times.


With our up-to-date online tracking system and many other tools, nothing is hidden from the customer.


Most african's owned companies are reputed not to be reliable. We try with all our strength to be the exception


Our staff keep the promises made to our clients even if that requires unexpected sacrifices.

Oga Paul Fikipo

Founder / CEO

Ms Nathalie Fikipo

Deputy CEO

Sandra Mukoko

Business Manager

Patrick Kabamba

Deputy Business Manager